Wind River

A game by Dirk Liefens for 3 to 4 players aged 12 and up
Playing time: ca. 60 minutes
Illustration by: Dennis Lohausen

Before the settlers arrived at the great open plains, life of the Native Americans was driven by the move of the big buffalo herds. Each player becomes chief of a tribe and tries to survive the hard life without disturbing the balance of nature. And the buffaloes are moved by all players, so it might always useful to have a pow-wow to find out how the herd will move ...

The game will accompany the buffaloes from the left side to the right side of the gameboard. It is up to you where your tribe starts. You win the game if you manage to have more tipis at the end of the game than the other players. But you also have to be able to support your tipis, and that becomes more and more difficult when the buffaloes move on!

As long as there are sufficient buffaloes around, you may feel free to install new tipis on the gameboard. But at the latest when the other players decide that exactly these buffaloes move on, you should not fall behind. Only the tipis are save which made it to the open plains before the game ends.

English and French rules are included, and the game contains no language dependend parts.

1 Gameboard
36 wooden Buffaloes
28 Tipis
40 Food Blocks
4 Game Overview cards
2 Rule Booklets

Art.-Nr.: 0008
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