Top oder Flop

A game by Martin Schlegel for 2 to 5 players aged 10 and up
Playing time: ca. 30 minuntes
Illustrated by: Dennis Lohausen

As a big player in the film business, you invest your infuence in the success of the next block buster - but also in the failure of your competitors.

Through bluff, tactica and co-operation, you ensure your success. Because at the end, the winner will not be the one who did most for a film, but the one who can claim the success for himself. And this may still change long after the last scene of the film has been shot ...

Playing a card into your Personal Display affects the influence you have on that film. Playing a card into the Film Display influences the value a film has. At the end of the game players get victory points for the films where they have a majority of influence points. How many points this will be depends on the quality of the film.

60 Influence Cards
10 Change Cards
6 Markers
5 Film Poster
1 Score Block
1 Rulebook Art.-Nr.: 0005
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