New Transations for Hansa Teutonica

Francesco Neri complemented his Hansa Teutonica translation into Italian by translations of both the Britannia and East Extension rules. They may be downloaded here.

Antarctica Rules in five Languages

Here you may now also download the Italian version of the Antarctica rules. Thanks to Alessandro Seren Rosso for the translation!

Visit us at Spiel'15 in Essen

At the Internationale Spieletage which will be held from October 8th until October 11th in Essen, Germany, you wil find us at our regular booth 3-F103 in hall 3. You can play our latest game Antarctica, and each buyer will also receive the new Dian Mu mini extension for Yunnan (a postcard with a new building on one side and the rules on the other side).

Argentum in France

Like Yunnan, El Gaucho, Hansa Teutonica and Sauve qui peut (Lifeboats), Antarctica will also be available in a French version. The games are distributed in France by Atalia. They also run an Argentum page at Facebook (in French) which you may use for any inquiry related to France.

Rules and new pictures of Antarctica

Here you may find the rules from the English, French and German game boxes. And the Dutch translation may be downloaded, thanks to Arne De Cnodder. And some high resolution images are available here.

Antarctica available in Essen

We will present our new game Antarctica by Charles Chevallier at the Internationale Spieltage in Essen at our booth 3-F103. The game will be available in an English, a French and a German box. The rules can be downloaded in all three languages already here.

Hansa Teutonica Extensions available again in Summer

Both East Extension and Britannia Extension for Hansa Teutonica will be available again in Summer. You may find updated rules for the base game and the extensions in many languages here.

Argentum at the Carrara Show

At the Carrara Show in Italy, lasting from May 30th until June 2nd, many of our games may be played - and bought, with Italian rules!. Thanks to Umberto Rosin and Francesco Neri, you may download the Italian rules here also.

Play El Gaucho in Bielefeld, Darmstadt and Vienna

Mid of November Roman will be at the Spielefest in Vienna, Arve at Darmstadt spielt and Christina at the Spielewelt in Bielefeld.

Only 15 Bonus Markers in Hansa Teutonica

The new Hansa Teutonica edition contains only 15 bonus marker - not 16 any more, as still stated in the rulebook. Our mistake, we will take extra lessons in counting ;-)

French Rules for Hansa Teutonica and Britannia Extension

I was told that the French rules for two players were obviously not done by a native speaker - right, I did them, and that was obviously not a good idea! Didier Duchon translated them again, and the result may be downloaded here. Thanks a lot, Didier!

Italian Rules for El Gaucho

Also many thanks to Alessandro Seren Rosso, who did the Italian translation. Italian rules may now also be downloaded here.

Dutch Rules for El Gaucho

Thanks to Arne de Cnodder again, Duch rules for El Gaucho are available and may be downloaded here.

Visit us at Spiel'14 in Essen

Come to the Internationale Spieltage in Essen and try our latest games at our booth in hall 3, stand F103.

New Games in 2014

For our 10th anniversary we will publish El Gaucho, a set collection and take-that game by Arve D. Fühler. You may find a description and some first pictures here and the game rules here.

The Britannia Extension for Hansa Teutonica provides next to the machinery of the basic games the opportunity to build Kontors in Scotland and Wales. But in order to place Traders there, you need special permission which you may only gain in London, Carlisle and Cardiff. You will get additional prestige points at the end of the game, so you should include that in your planning. The game also has new rules for two players which may be used in the basic game and the East Extension as well.

A new edition of Hansa Teutonica will also be available with larger wooden cubes and the new rules for two players. It will be available in separate English, French and German boxes.

Dutch Rules for Yunnan

Duch rules for Yunnan may be downloaded here. Thanks to Arne de Cnodder!

Argentum at the Festival des Jeux in Cannes

From 28th of February until 2nd of March we will be in Cannes again at the Festival international des Jeux. We will present the French box of our new game Yunnan, but we may also have some prototypes of new games with us.

Yunnan T-Shirts

The T-shirts we wore at the toy fare in Essen may be ordered here - three designs in all coulors and sizes. And a mug is available, too!

Yunnan available in multiple versions

Our new game Yunnan will not come in the multi-language box you know for many years now, but in an English box, a frech box, and a German box. Of cource you still may download the rules in other languages here, additionally in Italian. At BoardgameGeek you also find an Chinese and an Japanese version of the rules.

New Stand in Essen

From 24th til 27st of Octoberr, we present our new game Yunnan in Essen, Germany, at Internationale Spieltage. The trade fair will be completely rearranged this year, and you will find us in hall 5, stand E 103. We will have a German, an English, and a French edition of Yunnan. You may find a short description of the game here, the rules here and some pictures here.

Coney Island nominated for Dutch Game Award

The White Goblin Games edited version of our 2011 game by Michael Schacht has been nominated for the Nederlandse Spellenprijs.

Desperados and Yunnan at Tric Trac

Here is a recording of the Tric Trac TV broadcast in which Roman not only shows Desperados to Guido Heinecke, but also the prototype of Yunnan - which is scheduled for Internationale Spieletage Spiel'13 in Essen.

visit us at Festival des Jeux in Cannes

We present our complete programme at the Festival international des Jeux from March 1st until March 3rd in Cannes, France. You find French rules for all our games here, and shops in France where you may buy our games here.

Website reworked

You can try out all our games - at the fair in Essen our latest game Despeados, but also all other games at various events which are listed here. This list is very incomplete at the moment, but we will continue it with the time. And the list with German and international retailers has been updated.

French Rules for Desperados available

Thanks to Didier Duchon, Desperados has French rules. The may be downloaded here.

Coney Island awarded

Coney Island became Best Strategy Game Nominee in the 2013 Games 100 list.

Try out Desperados at Spiel'12

From 18th til 21st of Octoberr, we present our new game Desperados in Essen, Germany, at Internationale Spieltage. Like usual, you will find our stand in the middle of hall five. You may find a short description of the game here, the game rules here and some pictures here.

Hansa Teutonica available again

You may buy the new edition at your favourite dealer.

Giant Wheel for Coney Island

Our Essen fair giveavay is available for dwnload - either here as rule variant, or here as a thumbnail to click at (English version is at page two). Oh, and the bug in the Dutch rules has been fixed, you should be able to open it now!

Coney Island rules available

The rules may be downloaded from here. We owe Grzegorz Kobiela many thanks for the English translation, Didier Duchon for the French translation and Nico Delobelle for the Dutch translation.

Try out Coney Island at Spiel'11

From 19th til 23rd of October, we present our new game in Essen, Germany, at Internationalen Spieltage. Our team is looking forward to explain you the rules in hall five, stand 64, and if you like the game, you may immediately buy it ;-)

"Coney Island" to be released soon

Author of our latest game is Michael Schacht, and Klaus and Dennis were our punchy editing and illustration team again. You find some first information here, the rules and more pictures will follow soon. Oh, and there is an introduction by Klaus available at Cliquenabend.

French Rules for First Train to Nuremberg

Thanks to Didier Duchon, you may find the French rules for First Train to Nuremberg here.

Good Start for First Train to Nuremberg

Our latest release became 6th on the Fairplay List.

Visit us at Spiel'10 in Essen!

Internationalen Spieltage will be in Essen from 21st until 24th of October. You will find our stand as usual in hall five and may try out our new games.

New Games in 2010

This year we are going to publish "First Train to Nuremberg" by Martin Wallace, a revised edition of "Last Train to Wensleydale" and "Hansa Teutonica - East Expansion". You may find some pictures here and the rules here. Many thanks to Ferdinand Köther and Didier Duchon for the translation!

Hansa Teutonica wins a Spiele Hit für Experten at Österreichischer Spielepreis 2010

Hansa Teutonica becomes fifth at Deutscher Spiele Preis 2010

Hansa Teutonica makes it to the Empfehlungsliste "Spiel des Jahres" 2010

Japanese Rules

Masayuki Nakano's Banesto Gamestore sells all our games in Japan - including Japanese rules. Tak, many thanks for the translation! You may find some of the Japanese rules on our website as well ("games" at the left) - if you always wanted to try the Japanese version of our games, you may do so now ;-)

24.02.2010 Positive Feedback on Hansa Teutonica

You will find an Introduction (in German, with Klaus, the editor of the game) at Cliquenabend. It is kind of outdated, as Klaus introduces a prototype ;-)

We are really happy about becoming 6th in the Spiel'09 Inquiry!

And we are even more happy about the 1st place at BGG.Con!

You may find a first review (in English) of Hansa Teutonica here.

29.12.2009 Website is up to date again

Hope you had some nice season holidays, and I wish you a happy new year! I took the opportunity to put the rules of the new games online at the end, and there are also some smaller variants of the score sheets available now.

24.10.2009 Score Sheets for our new Games

Well, we didn't manage to present our new games in advance, but the score sheets which we are currently distributing at Spiel 09 in Essen may be downloaded for Hansa Teutonica here and for Santa Timea here.

13.05.2009 Visit Us at Spielewahnsinn in Herne

We will show prototypes of our new games for 2009 at Spielewahnsinn in Herne from 21st til 24th of May. Find more information about Spielewahnsinn here.

16.04.2009 Wind River for two Players

Frequently asked, now available: Wind Rivery plays fine with two players as well.

The only slight change to the rules is that rather than removing one row like in the three player game, you remove two rows from the gameboard. No buffaloes are placed there, and the fields may not be entered during gameplay.

The two player version is a very challenging an tactical variant of the game. We are looking forward for your feedback!

10.10.2008 Visit Us at Spiel'08 in Essen

We will present our new game Wind River at Spiel'08 from October, 23rd until October, 26th in hall five, stand 64. You may also try out all our other games - and may buy some directly at our stand if you like them. Further information about Spiel'08 are available here.

09.10.2008 Wind River available soon

Information about our new game has been available all over the Internet for quite some time already, except on our own website ... Just in time for Spiel'08 in Essen, our new game Wind River will be available. It comes with English and French rules and contains no language-dependant parts. You may find some information about the game here, pictures of the game material and the box here and the rules here.

08.10.2008 new Prices

We have simplified the prices of our games, all medium sized boxes now cost only 16,90 €. This means that Top oder Flop and Die Jagd nach dem Gral will be significantly cheaper now! You may find our latest price list here.

22.04.2008 Visit Us at Spielewahnsinn in Herne

From 9th til 11th of May, the Spielewahnsinn will take place at the Kulturzentrum in Herne. Like usual, we will present prototypes of our new games for 2008 there.

21.04.2008 Play our Games at the Hamburger Spieletage

You may test all our games at the Hamburger Spieletage from May 16th until May 18 at the DGB Tagungszentrum Hamburg-Sasel. The Hamburger Spieletage take place this year for the first time, and all our games are available there for a decent evaluation.

24.10.2007 Try out our Games

Our new games are available at the International Rendez-Vous from 26th to 28th of October in Liege, Belgium, at the Münchner Spielwies'n from 2nd to 4th of November, and the Bremer Spiele-Tage from 16th to 18th of November.

07.10.2007 The new Games are here!

The new games are available, you may order them via your favourite dealer or at our stand at Spiel '07 in Essen. English, French and German rules may be downloaded here. Many thanks again to Didier Duchon for his great support!

12.09.2007 First Information about Our new Games available

Descriptions of our new games 1001 Karawane and Die Jagd nach dem Gral are online already, pictures of the prototypes (JPEG and high resolution) may be found here, and the rules will follow in the next days. The games should be available by the end of this month.

09.09.2007 Visit Us at Spiel 07 in Essen

From 18th to 21st of October, we will be at the Spiel 07 and present our new games 1001 Karawane and Jagd nach dem Gral. You will find us at our usual place in hall 5, stand 64. Both new games are entirely bilingual (German and English).

02.05.2007 Visit Us at Spielewahnsinn in Herne

From 11th to 13th of May, the 26th Spielewahnsinn will take place. Like last year, we will show the prototypes of our new games for 2007.

26.03.2007 Italian Rules for Seenot im Rettungsboot are available

Thanks to Andrea Marino for the first Italian translation of an Argentum game! Like all other rules, they may be downloaded here.

01.03.2007 French Rules for Top oder Flop are available

Thanks to Didier Duchon the rules for all our games are available in French now!

23.02.2007 French Rules for Gartenzwerge e.V. are available

And again, many thanks to Didier Duchon! The rules also include the translated event cards and the rule variants. They may be downloaded here.

23.01.2007 French Rules for Metallurgie are available

Again, thanks to Didier Duchon they may be downloaded here.

22.01.2007 French Rules for Ufos! Fritten aus dem All are available

Thanks to Didier Duchon they may be downloaded here.

11.12.2006 Argentum Games at Elfenexpress in Berlin

You may play all our games at the Elfenexpress at the Spree Center in Berlin until 23rd of December.

14.11.2006 French Rules for Seenot im Rettungsboot are available

Thanks to Pascal Deru they may be downloaded here.

03.11.2006 English Rules for Top oder Flop are ready

Rules may be downloaded here. So for all our games Englisch rules are available now. Thanks to Paul Evans for translating what I thought would be English into real English!

03.11.2006 Seenot im Rettungsboot is available!

Well, we had it already at the Spiel '06 in Essen, but have not posted in on our website yet ... All our new games may be ordered via your favourite game shop, the internet, or directly via us. Unfortunately, our ordering page is not reday yet, but a simple email to is all you need to do!

25.10.2006 visit us at Süddeutsche Spielemesse

From 26th until 29th of October, we will be in Stuttgart at the Süddeutsche Spielemesse. You will find us in hall CCB, stand 214.

10.10.2006 Top oder Flop is available!

Top oder Flop is in stock now, Seenot im Rettungsboot (Lifeboats) will follow next week - just in time for the Essen fare.

26.09.2006 Visit Us at Spiel'06 in Essen

The toy fare in Essen will be 19th-22nd of October this year. Like usual, you will find us in hall five. Our stand numer is 64.

24.09.2006 New Webpages are ready at Last

Well, it took long enough. But, now everything is up to date, especially all information on the new games is available here.

22.09.2006 Argentum Fare Exhibitions in 2006

This year, we will be in Essen, Stuttgart and Munich. You can play our games there - and, of course, also buy them directly.

01.07.2006 we moved

Only a few hundred meters along, just on the opposite side of Friesenplatz, still in the very middle of Cologne. The new address is here, all further data remained the same.