1001 Karawane

A game by Roman Mathar for 2 to 5 players aged 12 and up
Playing time: ca. 60 minutes
Illustration by: Dennis Lohausen

When cameleers meet at the campfire after a long and straining journey, they tell each other stories about cities in the middle of the desert, from hidden oases, and flying carpets. A versed cameleer will of course not whistle-blow the exact location of these precious places, but if you can .read. the desert, you will find them anyway. And with the help of a powerful jinn, you may rearrange the location to your own benefit - or to the disadvantage of someone else.

Players move their caravans through the desert in search of these marvellous locations not telling the others what they discovered. But if you make use of such a location, you automatically reveal some information about it. For instance, if you trade in a desert city the other players will roughly know where the city is. Object of the game is to find three artifacts, or to buy them with the gold you earn.

You will find cities, oases, caravanserais and artifacts. Knowing where they are is very beneficial when you equip a caravan. Do you still remember where they were?

English rules are included, and the game contains no language dependend parts.

1 Gameboard Frame
1 Start Area
48 Desert Hexagons
5 wooden Camels
6 Thief Cards
15 Artifact Cards
34 Gold Cards
55 Equipment Cards
20 Jinn / Mapping Chips
1 Rule Booklet

Art.-Nr.: 0006
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